Following the principles of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic treatments start by establishing your constitution and identifying any imbalances. Once these issues have been identified, your Ayurveda therapist can then apply to relevant treatments to restore your body to a state of balance.

Our specialist Ayurvedic treatments can be viewed below.

A qualified Ayurvedic practitioner will give you an Ayurvedic assessment of your current state of health and advice how to improve your health. During the consultation you will:

  • Learn about your constitution of mind-body type, diagnosis of original and current constitution
  • Find out what imbalances in your system get advise on daily routine
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Pulse Examination
30 minutes: £35
60 minutes: £49


Head Massage

45 min – £59

Ayurvedic head massage a soothing massage of head, neck and shoulder. Incredible hair and scalp treatment performed with herbal oil



Eye Treatment

30min – £59

Is a unique treatment where ghee is retained over the eyes for a specific amount of time which nourishes and strengthens the eye structure, it is helpful in curing dark circle in front of your eyes, improves the eye vision, dryness and watering from the eyes

Karna Purana 

Ear Treatment

30min – £59

Bathing the ears with warm herbal oil is calming and protects the nervous system, strengthens the structure of the ear, benefits in sleeplessness, depression and stress. This treatment is very useful in balancing vertigo, dizziness and nausea


Herbal oil flow over the head

45 min – £85

The oil flow over the scalp and through the hair creating blissful sensation.It helps to induce profound state of relaxation through the application of warmed oil in rhythmic flow over the chakra point on forehead


Nasal Treatment

30min – £59

A nasal administration of herbal medicine which clears sinus congestion, headache and migraines. This treatment can helps to clear accumulation of toxins from head and neck region


Face lift massage

45 MIN – £59

Classical method of soothing massage and detoxification using herbal oil. The massage component focuses on stimulating the Marma points of the face, neck and shoulder


60 min – £79

Abhyanga revitalises the tissues, cleans the body protects from old age and is one of the best remedies for pacifying Vata. It moves excess doshas back into the digestive tract so that they can leave the body essence tissue growth and promotes strength, relaxation and sound sleep. It aids heathy joints and ligaments and in nourishing the nerves.

Nabhi Abhyanga

45 min – £59

This stimulates and regulates our immune digestive fire, toning the abdominal organ. This non invasive treatments also assists in weight loss.

Prista Abhyanga

45 min – £59

Special herbs infused Ayurvedic oil are used for this highly relaxing and rejuvenating massage which relieves backache, stiffness and muscle spasm

Hasta Abhyanga

45 min – £59

A revitalizing hand massage with deep depth effect. This massage stimulates the Marma points and the energy meridian which flow through the hands up to the fingers tips.

Pada Abhyanga

45min – £59

A Traditional Indian foot massage, which stimulates lymph and blood flow in lower leg and feet, giving great relieve to the entire body Marmapoints (Indian reflexology points) are stimulated during treatment helping to keep physical and emotional state of body in the balance


Marma Abhyanga

90 min – £89

Marma are the energy points that run through the body. Gentle pressure on the marma while doing the massage is deeply relaxing, harmonizes, detoxifies, strengthens and revitalizes the entire body.

Janu Basti

45 min – £69

In this knee joint is bathed in warm medicated oil restores the lubricating fluid in the joints removes stiffness and pain, improves mobility in the knee joint


60 min – £85

Mardana is invigorating deep tissue massage with warm herbal oil. Treatment begins gently before progression deeper and firmer with the rhythmic strokes to release physical and emotional toxins. This treatment revitalizes and stimulates the immune system, it also aids in removing tensions in the muscles and tissues

Pinda Sweda

Back only ( 30 min –  £69 )
Full body ( 60 min – £89 )

This massage is done with warm medicated herbal oil and herbal bolus/bag, the herbal powder are tied in herbal bags used as compress to apply warm oil over the body. It is highly effective rejuvenation therapy helps in alleviating pain, swelling and muscle tension.

Four hand massage:

60 min – £99

It is a soothing massage by two therapist in synchronization and has the same effect as two full body massage. The intensity of the massage relaxes the muscle and deep tissue by applying a combination of pressure point work

Greeva Basti

45 min – £69

This treatment is bathing the neck region with medicated herbal oil, procedure does oleation and sudation around the neck region. It can be helpful in treating stress, congestion and pain around the neck, relaxes and rejuvenates muscles of neck and shoulder

Uro Basti

45min – £69

The herbal oil is retained on the chest wall which gives positive influence on the heart Chakra which is turn as a benificial effect on mind and gives strengthening effect to heart muscles, relieves the deep seated repressed stress, anger and grief

Kati Basti

45 min – £69

Soothing massage treatment in which warmed herbal oil is applied to lower back using dam. This specialized therapy relieves and nourishes the lower back pain, painful muscle spasm,stiffness and regenerative problem


60 min – £85

Application of a combination of herbal powder and oil on the entire body to reduce cellulite accumulations to improve circulation and also tones the skin and provides strength to the body


Ayurvedic Pregnancy massage

60 min – £85

A blissful and unique massage ideally suited for pregnancy, massage helps to relax both body and mind of the pregnant women, gentle massage techniques to offer a safe and relaxing way to ease some pregnancy discomforts like aches and pains in the most effected area like feet, legs and back.

Stress Management Package

120min – £189

Shirobhyanga – Head Massage (15 minutes)
Shirodhara – Herbal oil flow over the forehead (45 minutes)
Pristhabhyanga – Back Massage (30 minutes)
Padabhyanga – Foot massage (30 minutes)

Rejuvenating Package

120min – £189

Shirobhyanga – Head Massage (30 minutes)
Mukhabhyanga – Face lift Massage (30 minutes)
Marma Abhyanga – Full Body Massage with Marma Points (60 minutes)

Relaxation package

120min – £189

Shiroabhyanga – Head Massage (15 minutes)
Abhyanga – Full Body Massage (60 minutes)
Shirodhara – Herbal oil flow over the forehead (45 minutes)

Weight Management Package

120min – £189

Mukhabhyanga – Face lift massage (15 minutes )
Four hand massage (60 minutes )
Udvarthana (45 minutes )

Detoxification Package

Panchakarma is series of detoxifying, balancing and nourishing therapies performed over a series of 3, 5, 7 or more days. Ayurveda detox treatment is gentle internal cleansing, purification and tailor made programme of nutrition.